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To a hobbyist or amateur lock picking means to manipulate or open a lock by using any tools they can find that simulate the action of a key.

We've all seen movies and television shows where the actors can pick locks as quickly as a key can open them.

On nearly every detective drama on television, the private investigators aka super-sleuths break into homes, apartments, even office buildings with high security locks within a matter of seconds.

On every daytime soap-opera anyone that possesses a credit card has these same "magical powers".

In real life, this is generally not the case at all. This is GOOD news to all the law-abiding, God-fearing citizens of the world!

It's not unusual for a locksmith to spend five minutes picking a standard pin tumbler lock.

Picking a high security lock can take much longer, anywhere from several hours to several days!

It is a generally accepted theory that any mechanical lock that is usually operated with a key can be picked.

Ergo, lock picks are tools that are designed to work like keys.

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